Nothing is Real

What is a Dream is the seemingly Experienced solid sense of being a Separate Person in a Body - a subjective Separate "Individual" that is felt and experienced, looking out of a body at "Other" Seemingly separate objects. A "me" looking out at "other". All that is experienced, felt, and believed to be real is Only an Appearance that is Seemingly happening in the vastness of Emptiness. What is seen and seemingly experienced as solid is Emptiness. What is not seen and not experienced is also Emptiness, there is No separation. Emptiness Cannot be understood, known, grasped, or described. It is Unknown Emptiness. The One who tries to work it out is the Illusory sense of "me" seemingly appearing. Indefinable Freedom is What is.

WELL-BEING (some gentle Beginners Qigong body movement/relaxation, Open discussion on Freedom, Guided or Silent Relaxation)
ENERGY, BODY MOVEMENT, RELAXATION (Gentle Beginners Qigong, Free Flowing Body Movement/ Dance, Guided Relaxation).

WHO CAN BENEFIT: Individual Bookings, Group Requests Available for Adults and Young People. If you wish to enjoy TEAM BUILDING ACTIVITIES then this is ideal for Work Colleagues, Clients, Support Groups, Friends, and Young People.


WELL-BEING CLASS: is 1hr with scheduled classes available for Individual Bookings and for Group Requests. Great for Staff Well-Being Programs.
This is a combination of Qigong Gentle Beginners body Stretching/ Movement/ Relaxation (No experience necessary, take at your own pace), Guided or Silent Relaxation, and Open sharing/ discussion about What Is - the Indefinable Freedom that is Everything and Nothing. This can be Pointed to through the use of words but never fully described. Who you experience, think, and feel you are does not exist. There is no "you", No separate person. The Search for more is the suffering experienced. What is searched for is Already This - Nothing and Everything. The "me" is searching for something that is Already This. A Relaxation in the Body and a falling away of ways of being, seeming problems may occur.

SILENT RELAXATION: INDEFINABALE FREEDOM CLASS (Guided or Silent Relaxation): This is a Live Online Relaxation Class. Starting with Guided Relaxation to then Open to Silence. Wonderful for Workplace Well-Being Programs and Indiviudal virtual relaxation class.
There is no obtaining Freedom/ Emptiness as Everything is already Free, is already Empty. Who you experience, sense, and believe yourself to be is not real yet seems to appear in Freedom. "Meditation/ Relaxation" cannot "make you free". There is no "you" to "become free", there is simply Freedom. Emptiness is already this. "Relaxation" is simply an appearance in this Freedom. The class is a space for the body and the nervous system to seemingly relax in.

ENERGY, BODY MOVEMENT, RELAXATION CLASS: is a combination of Gentle Beginners Qigong Stretching, Movement, Relaxation, along with some Free-Flowing Body Movement/ Dance, and coming to Rest with a Guided or Silent Relaxation.
This class is a Great option for Work Colleagues in need of Virtual Team Building Activities and Friends looking for Reconnection, Support, Exercise, Relaxation. Great for Well-Being Programs Online. This is a Private Group Booking Only Class (5 to up to 100 people).

CLASS DATES, MAKE REQUESTS, TO BOOK: Follow the Class Links Below.

LIVE ONLINE WELL-BEING CLASS (qigong beginners gentle exercise/ relaxation, guided or silent relaxation, open discussion on Freedom) - 1hr, $30. For Group Bookings Only.
LIVE ONLINE ENERGY, BODY MOVEMENT, RELAXATION (qigong beginners gentle exercise, free flow/dance, guided relaxation). For Group Bookings Only.

Once a Class is Booked a Follow-up email will be sent with a Link to join the Live Class via Zoom platform.
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