LOVE – Our True Nature
8 March 2016

Awareness & Love Blog

Awareness & Love

Welcome to IN THE MOMENT.

This is a space to share Love, Joy, Peace, Wisdom, Stillness, and Grace.

We are in a powerful moment on this planet, there is a shift that is rapidly occurring and it is to reveal the fullness of who we are now. Love – we – are here now.

We are love.

As love we are one people, one nature, one essence, one space. An infinite love – powerful and with a fineness of being.

We become aware and in that moment we are conscious love.

Enjoy viewing these updated posts as they resonate with who you truly are.

Yvette Swan
Yvette Swan
Yvette Swan from AWARE LOVE provides Awareness Services, Projects, Paintings, Books, and Classes for people to recognise the truth of who they are which is always here.

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