Bird Song
16 June 2016
Being Present in a Moment of Great Change
2 July 2016

We are Space

When caught in the mind and tied up in knots

What releases us from this bind is the space within and without

Sometimes we feel to be in a physical place where there is space –

No traffic, no noise, no crowds, no movement, no this, no that

We are able to breathe again

Physical space may be our starting place as it leads us to another realisation –

The space from within


The mind can be a noisy, dominant creature that pushes its way into our heads and hearts

It not only fills up the space with its chaotic energy but desires to harm by making us believe we are it

An out of control creature that believes it is separate

And if not reigned in will destroy all that lives on its path


Shine the light of our presence upon it

Make it known that we are aware of it in our space

When not noticing we are the space the mind tries to fill up


No need to fight it, judge it, fear it

No need for any resistance

We are powerful beings

We are source

We are alchemists

We travel into realities to transmute energies that have become separate and lost

Shine our bright light upon it


There is little that we need do –

There is no need and no doing

We just be

Be and know

Our presence dissolves mind and returns it home


Long has this journey seemed

It has felt like an endless walk through mind in time and space

But know that this is all a dream

One to shine our bright light through

As we awaken to what has always been


We have never left home

But only entered a dream world

It has been purposeful –

We are awakening to truly know ourselves

To know we are love and joy

To know what always is.


Be the space, stillness, love, joy and peace

Yvette Swan
Yvette Swan
Freedom is already this.

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