The Peace that Passes All Understanding

OUR DIVINE NATURE – No Explanations, No Talking, No Content
5 August 2016
8 September 2016

The Peace that Passes All Understanding

There is a moment

A moment that reveals itself

A moment of space

The space beyond all that we sense

Beyond feelings and thoughts

Beyond the knowledge we collect and become burdened by

A moment that is the space of peace


Before we open to peace

We lose ourselves in noise, the content and thoughts

We try to work it out

We try really hard to understand

We stop and think

We go into a dream world and become the stories and images

We think of the problems we believe we have

Then feel stressed and anxious by these situations –

Or is it really what we think about them that stresses us?

Do they create a sea of emotions that drown us out?


“How do we solve them?” we wonder

We try to work harder, think harder, and do harder

We try to find solutions to these problems so they disappear

We try to track back to where we thought they started

We analyse, discuss, and become emotional and defensive

We want to understand how this happened to us

But it only creates more thought, emotions, more talk, and explanations


All this creates the content of the world, a mind-made world

A world, once peaceful, is no more

A person, once free, is now taken over by content

We want to “understand” so we don’t make the same mistake again

But does this open us to freedom or keep the illusion playing out?

Illusion – content, time and mind walk hand in hand


When the pressure of what has surrounded us becomes too much

A breaking point starts to reveal itself

The pressure of suffering is pushing on the door

Emotions and thoughts build until we can take no more

Our mind can’t find a way out

No more can be added to this pressure cooker

No more effort required

No going outward and giving it a last go

No trying to solve


Where is peace?

With all this working it out the space of peace cannot be opened to

The space that we are is always here

There is something that is beyond all the noise

Something so in-tune with the beat of our heart and the tenderness of our spirit


There is a moment of realisation

Of becoming aware

Aware that it does not matter

There is no-where to run to

No-where to hide

No more expectations to fulfil

No explanations to draw upon

There is a moment when we realise

That the content does not matter

There is nothing to understand

Nothing to fix and improve

Nothing to make better

How can something be understood when what is being

understood is only more content of the mind

It needs no understanding

It only requires space

Our conscious space

One conscious realisation

The pressure had its purpose

It cracked the shell

The shell of the ego

The personality from the mind

The energy that separates us from who we truly are


One moment is opened to

A quiet, still and tender space flowers open

This space we know so well

This space is beyond the world

This space is the space of peace

The peace that passes all understanding

The peace of who we are

When we are this conscious space we are home

No need to hold onto what is not real

The illusion falls away

And what is present is our one love

Shared by all

A togetherness that is always here

Nothing more and nothing less




The peace that is who we are


Yvette Swan
Yvette Swan
Freedom is already this.

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