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8 March 2016
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16 June 2016

The Natural Love of the Male

The natural love of the male

Grants an attentive space for another

This space is who he is

It is the stillness of being


Through space he has been able to let go –

Of mind ways of being

Of playing roles

There is no more pressure of his shoulders to bear

No being strong

No having to be the breadwinner

No having to be right or wrong


He is able to peacefully and freely walk into the unknown of life

This is his natural territory

The unknown is the energy he naturally responds to

No need to go into his head to work everything out

No need to know where he is heading, what his five year plan is


The male expands through a granting of aware space

He steps out of the shackles of the mind of centuries past

To open to the tender, beauty of source energy that he is

This energy is pure and heals all wounds

It is the natural love of all


When there is no mind energy of wanting,

The male is able to naturally support others to be aware of their essence

His nature is supportive, spacious, still, aware, and attentive

A grounding force that supports all of life


In his presence

People are able to let go and be

They come out of world-weary ways of being

To naturally open to their true self


There is a beautiful moment when with a male

A presence is opened to

An exchange takes place from the depth of our being

A kind of recognition

In this moment both open to source energy

This reflects back from one to the other

A depth of being expands

And recognition opens of who we are – as one

Peace on earth has awakened

And love simply is.


Awareness Sessions- for men & women

The purpose of the sessions is to awaken what is always within you.

Yvette Swan
Yvette Swan
Freedom is already this.

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  1. Jilly says:

    I really love what you have written…I feel your words carry a great depth that transports me somewhere I know very well but don’t know I do, until I am there.
    Thank you.

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