Yvette Swan

3 March 2016
Awareness & Love

Awareness & Love Blog

Welcome to IN THE MOMENT. This is a space to share Love, Joy, Peace, Wisdom, Stillness, and Grace. We are in a powerful moment on this planet, there is a shift that is rapidly occurring and it is to reveal the fullness of who we are now. Love – we […]
8 March 2016

LOVE – Our True Nature

There is a moment…a moment where life expands through us. A pure vibration spirals out from our heart. One immediately notices a blissful energy opening from within. It stretches its arms out wide as it expands deep from within our body to awaken all cells. They come alive. Life comes […]
11 March 2016

The Natural Love of the Male

The natural love of the male Grants an attentive space for another This space is who he is It is the stillness of being   Through space he has been able to let go – Of mind ways of being Of playing roles There is no more pressure of his […]