3 March 2016
Awareness & Love

Awareness & Love Blog

Welcome to IN THE MOMENT. This is a space to share Love, Joy, Peace, Wisdom, Stillness, and Grace. We are in a powerful moment on this planet, there is a shift that is rapidly occurring and it is to reveal the fullness of who we are now. Love – we […]
16 June 2016

Bird Song

There is a song out there that is sung with purity It emerges from the silence and fades back within A vibration from the heart of one to the heart of all In early morning before many wake The bird sounds the first tune that enters daybreak It wakes from […]
1 July 2016

We are Space

When caught in the mind and tied up in knots What releases us from this bind is the space within and without Sometimes we feel to be in a physical place where there is space – No traffic, no noise, no crowds, no movement, no this, no that We are […]
5 August 2016

OUR DIVINE NATURE – No Explanations, No Talking, No Content

Space   “But what do you mean?” asks the mind.   Stillness   “But I don’t like being still” says the mind. “It makes me feel uncomfortable, lonely, lost, and empty. I feel rattled, insecure, out of control, and fearful. I look at my life and feel like I’ve come […]
28 August 2016

The Peace that Passes All Understanding

There is a moment A moment that reveals itself A moment of space The space beyond all that we sense Beyond feelings and thoughts Beyond the knowledge we collect and become burdened by A moment that is the space of peace   Before we open to peace We lose ourselves […]
8 September 2016


We are perfect – Pure energetic beings Fullness of spirit There is nothing to add to who we are We are the space that always is   We are not of this world But while here the mind has been in charge A separate identity became the way A layer […]