15 July 2016


Family Who is family? There is our family we have been born into But which universal family did this one come from? Where did we come from? What family is out there and in here, inside our heart?   We are born into this world We experience much – Individuality, […]
28 August 2016

The Peace that Passes All Understanding

There is a moment A moment that reveals itself A moment of space The space beyond all that we sense Beyond feelings and thoughts Beyond the knowledge we collect and become burdened by A moment that is the space of peace   Before we open to peace We lose ourselves […]
3 October 2016

Returning Home – awareness of our true self, of relationship, and our universal family.

Who are we and what is our purpose for being here? We may only realise the answer through becoming aware and this could take our entire lifetime or many lifetimes to truly consciously know from awareness while in this world.   On planet earth we have been born into a […]