Unknown unrecognisable freedom

Unknown Emptiness

What is experienced, that there is a separate someone inside a body with their own thoughts, emotions, and stories, is the illusion. The experience of a seemingly separate person relating to other seemingly separate people and objects is illusory. This separate identity is experienced to be real by owning the contracted sensations in the body and owning emotions, thoughts, stories, and the sense of separation. All is owned as "me". What comes from the experience of "me" is an endless search for something more to get away from this seemingly uncomfortable feeling. The feeling is like there is something wrong, something is missing, and an unworthiness sensation. The "me" is searching to find something to fill in this empty, uncomfortable feeling. Nothing ever fulfils this.

Wanting to get away from this uncomfortable, unfulfilled experience, and to create a better experience fuels much movement. All of this is not real but is seemingly what happens. It is like the dream of me, a seemingly experienced separate person. "Me" seems real but is not. All of this occurs within the "unknown", an unlimited vastness of freedom. Whatever word is used to indicate this - unknown, freedom, nothing, emptiness - it cannot be understood, comprehended, grasped, owned, or seen as an object. Yet freedom, emptiness, is what is - whether an experienced, believed separation happens or not, and whether there is a seeming body/world or not. Emptiness is nothing and what is seemingly experienced.

The unknown is what is. Words cannot reveal the unknown as this is indescribable. Words can only point to what is. "Freedom" can point to what is, can point to what is unaffected by the dream of me and is also the dream of me. There is no separation. "Freedom" can point to nothing, the emptiness which the illusory person appears in.

One to One Sessions are a space for communication. Essentially all personal issues are of the "me", a sensation of someone in a body. Whether the sensation of "me" collapses or not, a relaxation may occur. A separate person is a story contained within the infinite freedom that is.

Freedom cannot be explained, obtained, understood. Who you sense in the body, experience, and think you are is not real, who "you" are is freedom. There is no you, me, we. Freedom is what is.

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