Returning Home – awareness of our true self, of relationship, and our universal family.

8 September 2016

Returning Home – awareness of our true self, of relationship, and our universal family.

Who are we and what is our purpose for being here? We may only realise the answer through becoming aware and this could take our entire lifetime or many lifetimes to truly consciously know from awareness while in this world.


On planet earth we have been born into a world dominated by the conditioned mind. Presence has been on the down side while the illusion of the mind has dominated our perception of the world, ourselves and each other.  It has been like looking into a mirror but instead of being aware of what is real we have instead been looking at a distorted image of the truth. We have seen this image, the illusion, as truth and what is really true, the infinite presence of who we are, has not been noticed. The surface image has been judged by the conditioned mind to create separation and has dominated so much so that we forgot we are eternal beings. We identified with the distorted mirror image and have not realised what is deep within. Love, joy, peace and grace are who we are.


From this false mirror image we have been trapped in a recycled pattern. The mind, which lacks creativity and knows nothing about love, has been stuck in a pattern of wanting. Chasing after something or someone to try to feel good has been the limited way of being. But once the initial high of obtaining what it wants falls away then the constant underlying feeling of unhappiness and dissatisfaction surfaces once more. A perpetual merry-go round of desire, wanting, getting happiness and unhappiness has covered over the true essence of who we are. The end goal never seems to satisfy the mind for long before unhappiness sets in and the next desired outcome starts again. If this is all we have been exposed to, seen through the world and each other, then it is no surprise that we have been so easily conditioned.


But what wakes us up out of this false-self world? Does the short lived cycle of happiness that quickly turns to unhappiness push on us to become aware? Does the pain of suffering force us to relinquish this cycle of pursuing what we have come to believe as happiness? Do we become fed up with this cycle of pain? Is something deep within us tapping until we notice it is there? Is what is deep within us actually who we are, an infinite being, who is tapping on the door of the mind, whispering to it to let go and take its natural balanced state? Are we out of alignment and is our true nature always clearing the path to have the mind, body, and essence come into alignment?


The outside world easily dominates our attention and only through awareness are we able to unhook from the addictive behaviour of the mind and free ourselves from a relentless game that is not about love. Our freedom in opening to our true nature is to become aware – aware of being present and aware of the collective mind. There is a moment where our natural self opens as we are able to separate out from this collective mind. In this moment a sense of peace, love, joy, and grace is present. The love we thought was outside of us and that we had to chase after was actually always within us. We did not need to chase after something that was never “out there” but always “in here”, within us. Love is who we are. Love naturally expands through being aware. It is not something to obtain through desire, wanting, getting, and it is not something that is outside of us. The mind’s needs have seemed like love but this has been the illusion. Sometimes it has been a very challenging illusion to become aware of as collectively we have been trapped in the mind together. The imbalance of mind to presence has allowed the mind energy to dominate. Only presence dissolves this imbalance.


With all this imbalance of mind to awareness how has relationship and our connection between one another on earth played out for thousands of years? What I have noticed through my years of unconsciousness and now becoming more conscious is that we have been very asleep and have done our best in a limited state of awareness. The mind energy is an all-consuming, relentless energy that has covered us over. Until we become aware of this then we are not aware of this. We make decisions in our lifetime from believing they come from what is real and true but usually they are decisions from the conditioned mind that we have become to believe as us. The mind is constantly ready to fill in the space and convince us that it is us. To become present and be able to see this allows us to wake up out of this false identity.


What I’ve noticed through my our lifetime and what I have noticed from people around me and the world at large is that we have been unconscious and from this state we have created relationship to try to fulfil a desire, want, or need. To help cover over a feeling of unease or unhappiness about who we think and feel we are. This is not the truth but what we have come to believe as we have identified with mind which then becomes ego and from this insecure energy we make choices but they are not conscious, expansive choices. They are not choices from being present but usually from an unconscious mind reaction.


We become attracted to another, go after them or they go after us, and then create either relationship or a sexual encounter. After a while we can let go of the relationship or move on from the sexual encounter to then search for another to replace the one we just got rid of or were left by. It is a relentless cycle where love and expansion cannot be opened to. A conditioned kind of world perpetuates. Mind energy comes in between our connection with our true self, in our relationships and with all people and nature.


I have noticed this with myself over the years. I have noticed that quick wanting energy that can come in between me and another. It comes out of no-where and it is either from me or the other person. It separates the true connection expanding. If any relationship is created from here then the truth is never revealed until both people go beyond the mind energy. When this wanting energy plays out I can see how easy it is to jump into relationship with someone and how we have many times entered relationship from this place. True connection does not open. This wanting energy is something to become aware of as it limits the depth of presence we could have with not only whoever we are in relationship with but with all people.


It is to recognise that something other than who we truly are is present on this planet. The mind energy has become its own entity and believes it is separate and goes about wanting what it can get but is never satisfied for long. It is quick to enter our space and when we are with one another. If we are not present in the moment the mind energy will dictate the terms of our connection with each other. “Love” becomes a false love, something we get to feel better about ourselves, albeit for only a short time before the unhappiness surfaces again. A kind of addiction is in play. The romantic, honeymoon period of an unreal love governs our inner and outer world. But true love where we open to who we and the other person are can only be accessed through awareness and moving through these blocked points we have been cycling around for our entire lifetime and collectively for thousands of years.


We are awareness. When present we are the space outside of mind energy. This space opens the beingness between people. A true space opens from presence and allows the needy energy of the mind of thoughts, emotions and actions that are not aligned to who we truly are to lose its grip on us. Love from the essence of our being opens and the addicted energy that has been disguised as “love” on the planet is able to be transformed.


The mind is a subtle yet a highly convincing creature at times and it takes our presence of being to transmute it so we free the planet and truly open love from within. The energy of desire and wanting has a strong force and it either comes into our space from the mind we or others are identifying with. If we are unconscious to these energies then they take us over. There is a game on the planet to separate the connection between people. This is a game from the mind. It plays out through the individual but is coming from the collective group mind. It squashes love and connection.


There is true power of love that is available between us from the presence of our being but the game of the mind is to keep us separate and not allow the depth of who we are open and open with one another. If we did then it would be the end of the collective ego. Can you sense what is beyond the end of the ego?! We can’t imagine it as we would still be the mind working it out but it is something we know within us from the depth of who we are. We are beings. We are presence. We are love. We come from a home of oneness and we know who we are. When we become aware we open to this knowing. It is a knowing from consciousness and not knowledge from the mind. It is a pure state of being outside of the world, content, time, and mind.


This state of being known as love is who we are and where we truly meet one another. A pure meeting of love where we want nothing from one another as the mind has dissolved. It is fullness of heart and the deadened energy of the mind has disappeared. There is huge power in this space when we come together with people – with other women and men. The conditioned mind concept of relationship and how it has played out on earth does not enter this space. The word “relationship” dissolves as we purely be with one another. The polarities of male and female energies come together to open love for all. It is outside of desire, wanting, getting, happiness, and unhappiness. A pure state of being from the source of our being is channelled through our physical forms and through our hearts. Ego and the pain of thousands of years of separation dissolve. In a moment we transform the conditioned reality we were born into and our purpose for being is awakened to our fully, activated state. “Relationship” becomes not an insular formation that is only for the needs of two but rather an expansive state that frees the hearts of all and draws in our universal family of one. The two becomes the original one. The separation, an illusion created and perpetuated by the mind state, dissolves to reveal what has always been….one family, one presence. Love is fully actualised in this world of form. No longer do we feel insecure and run after people and relationship to fill in an emptiness we believed we had. The heavy emotions disappear and freedom, a pure state of being, is realised.


For myself I have stumbled along over the years in an unconscious way. These experiences pushed on me to open to something else. I started to realise what was happening on the planet and the disharmony we have within us and between us and between the collective male and female people. I have discovered that the wanting energy is an addiction and if we follow these wants then we keep the cycle of disharmony in motion. No love can truly open from this space.


Presently there is a quickening in the universe and we are waking up. Every person that moves through their own moments of wanting….or rather catching the mind come in to want something, helps the planet open to a truer space. We are helping each other awaken. Sometimes we fall down, we miss the moment to free ourselves and allow the pull of wanting energy to take us. But we fall down then become present and aware and we keep loosening the grip of mind on the planet when we loosen its grip within us. Our awareness and being aware of our unconscious moments help us move through these mind stuck points on the planet. Men and women are able to move through stuck, victim, mind points with one another to come together through true love from the essence of our being. We are able to recognise ourselves more clearly and awaken to the love we are.


Sometimes I notice that we “want to feel free” but this usually comes from a reactive mind projected idea of freedom, one of being unencumbered by others or by our circumstances. But true freedom is being present and being present together. Not from a conditioned mind state of wanting and clinging to people and situations but being together through presence. The space of who we are allows our natural state of being to become conscious. Freedom is being together from the essence of who we are. Everyone and everything in this world is cared for and there is an ease that is opened to. The natural energy of oneness that we are becomes conscious and whether we are sitting quietly on our own or with another we are present through this state of being. Love is a state of being and not something to look for outside of us. Love is who we are.


We are awakening. The family that we are is waking up. The separation of the mind is dissolving and we are coming home to ourselves and one another. We are becoming aware of what is always here. Know that every moment we become aware also opens the awareness for all. The one is the many and the many is the one. Our awareness widens the space to recognise one another and love naturally flowers here on earth. The kingdom of heaven is truly within. We are a family that travels together and are now returning home.

Yvette Swan
Yvette Swan
Freedom is already this.

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