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13 June 2018
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The Phoenix Standing There


137 x 122cm Oil and Mixed Media on Canvas
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The phoenix is a mythical bird that represents rebirth, immortality, peace and the union of the yin & yang. It flies down from the heavens to earth at pivotal times when there is a new era of change. It helps mankind and then returns to the heavens.

Each morning this beautiful bird bathes and sings in a nearby well of water. The sound of this singing is magical. This beautiful appearance and singing inspires hope and creativity. It is a gentle creature who wishes to harm no-one and nothing. Instead it will heal other creatures with its tears, bringing an end to suffering.

This abstract landscape is a beautiful work of art with a beautiful intention. The purpose of the phoenix is to help and heal all on this earth in times of great change. I’m sure the essence of it is here on earth as we are indeed in one of these great moments of change.