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13 June 2018
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The Big Blue


W60 x H60 cm Oil on Canvas
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Deep blue ocean fills the bottom of this oil on canvas abstract painting while brilliant white with a dash of yellow and pink gives a contrast of light. Something to observe and surrender to. This work is a peaceful painting, a reflection of our natural essence within. Nature is a reflection of everything. The same energy is within everything seen and unseen. A little peace, a little space, and a little of something within makes this The Big Blue….somewhere to let go and dive into.

Throughout my painting career I have sometimes used film titles for my artworks. Whenever if feels appropriate I sprinkle them in, like The Big Blue. The beautiful film of the past about a deep ocean diver. Over the years I have worked in film, photography, and painting and I love that sometimes I can combine them even if it is in the subtle use of a title for a painting.

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