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10 June 2021
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Intro to ABSTRACT LANDSCAPE Painting, Pre-Recorded Class


Intro to Abstract Landscape Painting, a Pre-Recorded Downloadable Class. Download Valid for 12 months.
This is for Class Only (No art box included. This can be purchased from shop).
Colour Mixing Chart included in download and a What to Bring to Art Classes list.
Once purchased please allow the day for access to be granted to you for the Youtube Private video.


During this pre-recorded class, you will firstly learn some painting techniques to help you on your way – washes, layers, application with different tools.

Paint along with your Yvette while she shows you various tools and painting techniques that can be used. Brushes, palette knives, sponges, stippling, feathering, adding texture, washes, layers…Then you will enjoy going through the steps together to paint 4 abstract landscapes. This can then be applied later to your abstract landscape projects.

The art lesson is a great foundation to learn various techniques and the use of certain tools and to learn about adding layers. This can be brought to any style of painting you wish to create – abstract, semi-abstract, landscape, still life, or figurative. A great lesson to launch from.

This is a relaxed and fun class. Enjoy opening to the naturalness of creativity. If you’re looking for creative things to do at home, then abstract landscape painting is the perfect way to set you on your way.

This class is most suitable for adults but children from seven years upwards are welcome as well. No previous experience required. This will also be beneficial for those with experience.

ART BOX (includes Shipping within Australia):
An Art Box may be purchased as well at Checkout, in total for Class and Art Box A$79. This includes a set of acrylic paints, a set of brushes, an A4 pad of art paper. This will be shipped to your address within Australia Only (not for o/s orders). Please add your postal address at Checkout where you want to receive this.

– A small water spray bottle (can be bought from Bunnings, Ikea or supermarkets)
– Cloths to clean up with. 1 x wet cloth, 1 x dry cloth
– Water container to clean brushes
– 3 small dishes to create paint washes in
– Palette (eg a sheet of plastic, ice-cream/take-away container lid or art palette)
– Palette knife (very handy for different techniques), or use a piece of strong cardboard or plastic

If NO Art Box is purchased then please bring the following:
– A set of paintbrushes (eg 1 x small, 2 x medium, 1 x large)
– small pots/tubes of paint. Primary colours (red, white, black, blue, yellow) and any other colours you like, eg green, turquoise, other variations.

Blue and red create purple; yellow and blue create green; blue, yellow, red create brown; adding white creates lighter tones of colours; adding a very small amount of black creates darker tones of colours.