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10 June 2021
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Boundless Freedom


152.5 x 122 x 4cm
Mixed media on canvas
Signed front & back

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What is boundless freedom? How can something that is indescribable be described? Such a mystery. There is boundless freedom that has the seemingly play of life play within it. A body, thoughts, emotions, movement all playing within nothing. At an early age this freedom identifies itself as separate to everything else it sees. Seeming separation is experienced. Knowing, identity, separation, and the “me” is felt, experienced, believed. Life seems separate. What a dream.

Freedom has no definition, even this wording of it. Freedom is not separate, is not born, does not die. Freedom is free, boundless, unconditioned love. Boundless love. Boundless freedom.
This bold yet delicate abstract painting reveals what cannot be spoken yet it is also within this boundlessness. A true mystery.

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