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Hello, my name is Yvette (it's just a name, just a story, none of it is real. Real and unreal). In the story of "me" there was searching for many years through various avenues including awareness. A seeming person who was searching for something more, something else other than whatever was happening. Other "mores" did not satisfy for long (money, people, events) and so started a seeming "spiritual search" and working and supporting in these areas. A search for freedom, love, experiences, and to get somewhere else, fuelled the spiritual search, fuelled all searches. Yet all of this was still a search, a search in a different form. This was still the loop of a person sensing, believing, experiencing themselves to be real.

Awareness, the spiritual path, therapy were still part of the dream of a seeming person. All the ways to become aware - let go, accept, surrender, recognise/ realise, detach, watch thoughts and emotions - were still part of the story/ dream of a person. A person who can recognize, open, do something to "wake up". There is no-one who can wake up, who can do anything. There is no-one and nothing. Awareness is still part of the dream of me, of knowing. Yet all of this is not wrong or right, it's just what's happening, it is the unconditional seeming to happen as this, as an individual someone having a life, searching for career, money, people, love, freedom, spirituality, awareness. It is the unconditional, nothing happening as everything. The "someone" is the searching energy, no matter what form it seems to take. What an incredible and nothing special play of light, play of nothing.

This is not logical to the seeming energy who senses to be a person, a someone, who seems real. Nothing needs to happen for this to be free. This is already free. There is no process which can make this any more free than it is. There is no "becoming free" in the moment or in the imagined future. There is no process, no time. There is no-one who can try to be free, there is no-one. Freedom is already everything. 

There is simply no-one to fix, change, or be aware. It is part of the story of me, the story of experience, and keeps an endless loop going around. The reinforcement of someone being attended to in this way solidifies the dream of this loop. Wow! What a shock this was for "me". Completely confronting and freeing at the same time. Confronting for the sense of me, freeing for no-one.

Private Sessions are a space to share what is already free, what is already unconditional - freedom, love - what is already empty and full, what is already nothing, nothing happening to no-one. The one with the seeming problems, issues, needing to "wake up" is not real. No-one wakes up. Yet freedom, the unconditional, can appear as someone wanting to wake up, wanting to be free, wanting happiness, wanting something else. This is completely unconditional. The sessions are a space to resonate with freedom. The sessions are not self-help, therapy, counselling, self-awareness, spiritual, or a process to attain enlightenment (which does not exist). These will only lock in who one experiences themselves to be as real. This one is not real. This is a space which talks from and with the unconditional which is already free. There is no "you" which needs fixing and helping, even if this is what is experienced. 

A space to meet

Personal issues are of the "me", the "I am", a contracted sensation which seems like someone is in a body looking outwards. The sensation of separation as a person seems real yet is not. There is no separation.

This is simply a space to share and resonate with the Unconditional.

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There is No You. There is Nothing to Fix.
What is possible is there may be a resonance. What is already free, already unconditional resonates with this. Things may fall away, unwind, the contraction may lessen, or not. There is no authority "here" who fixes, improves "you there", there is no separation. There is no me, no you. There is simply a sharing of the unconditional, of freedom. This is not to improve or to find a better version of the "me", which only reinforces the dream of "I am" as real. The person/ separation is not real.

Addictions, Trauma, PTSD.
These can seem to be locked in, contracted, and create a great deal more suffering as a result of not only experiences that have taken place but also that at a young age there was an experience of being separate, to everything else seen (this is simply a story). This seeming early experience, an energy within the body, sets up a reality of a seeming separate person, separate from wholeness, from this. So many seeming searches, choices, paths, owned feelings, beliefs, experiences of the person come from this seeming experience. Then challenging situations (addictions, trauma, PTSD) are compounded by the reaction of this experienced separate me. What is simple, that there is no-one, becomes very complicated through the me energy, the seeming separation. Yet all of this is still wholeness appearing as limitation. Addictions, Trauma, PTSD are amplified by the dreamlike separation/me energy.

Terms and Conditions for Booking:
Participating in a Private Session is not a substitute for any medical/psychiatric support you may require. Please consult these kind of practitioners if needed. The Sessions are free of suggestion on what one should or should not do as a result of what may be discussed. Any response made from a session is completely one's own responsibility and in no way is connected to Yvette Swan.

Session bookings may be Reschedule or Cancelled any time up to 24 hours before your appointment. Any time less than 24 hours you will be charged for the appointment and no refunds will be issued. Please check your booking and make sure you have booked in the correct country time zone. Thank you for your consideration, Yvette Swan.

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