Everything seemingly happening is unknown aliveness. From the unknown what seems to happen is paint expressing on canvas, charcoal caressing paper, bronze forming to reveal a sculpture, or words shaping a poem. What seems like something is nothing appearing as this. This seems to be created by someone with a name, yet no one has created this. There is no owner of what cannot be owned, named, or understood. Freedom seems like a painting, a person, a tree, and the air breathed in. Pure emptiness happening as this.

Yvette Swan is a Sydney-based artist. She graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from the University of NSW, College of Fine Arts. She has worked in the film and photographic industries. Since 2000 Yvette has been a professional artist and has had over 50 solo and group exhibitions, including the Wynne Landscape Prize at AGNSW, Metro Prize, Fleurieu Peninsula Biennale Prize, and the Art Series Leeuwin Estate Collection. Yvette's work has been part of art consultancy projects, art expos, art prizes, and commissioned works for corporate, design, and private clients. Yvette's paintings are included in the book “Unfinished Journeys” by Ken McGregor. Her paintings belong to private and public collections. Yvette also creates through writing. She has worked within the awareness and therapy areas.

The story of Yvette is a story. It isn't real. Seemingly real but only a story. The one experiencing the story of having done this and that is the dream, the separation. A dance between someone and no-one seems to happen or seemingly disappears completely. Simply nothing/freedom freely happening.

Freedom Happening as This

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Sydney paintings | Simply What Is | Yvette Swan
Yvette Swan in studio
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Yvette, Lost Horizon painting
Yvette Swan painting
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Abstract Paintings Sydney | Simply What Is Yvette Swan
Abstract Painting Sydney | Simply What Is, Yvette Swan
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