Everything seemingly happening and created is the aliveness of freedom. From the unknown what seems to happen is paint expressing on canvas, charcoal caressing paper, bronze forming to reveal a sculpture, and words shaping a poem. This is exquisite, yet also normal, nothing special. What seems like something is nothing appearing like this. This seems to be created by someone - a person with a name - yet no-one has seemingly created this. There is no owner of what cannot be owned, named, or understood. Freedom is what seems to look like a painting, a person, a tree, and the air breathed in. Pure emptiness happening like this. 

Yvette Swan has been a professional painter for solo and group exhibitions, art consultancy projects, art expos, and commissioned works for corporate, design, private, and art prizes. She has created in forms such as painting, film, photography, and writing. 


New York Wellbeing | Lands Meets Sea
London Counselling | Passing Clouds
London Counselling | Rain Storm
New York Meditation | Bark and Soil
London Meditation | Light, Land, Dust


Enjoy these artwork examples as they express light, space, and colour from the unknown.

Commissions Available.

Follow the link below to see Available Paintings.


Los Angeles Counselling | The Discovery
London Psychotherapy | The Big Blue
New York Freedom to Be Happy | Dive Deep Down Until Nothing is Left
Los Angeles Freedom to Be Happy | A Touch of Paradise
Manhattan Wellbeing | Ocean Shores
Los Angeles Abstract Paintings | The Waterfall
San Francisco Wellbeing | Love Light
New York Psychotherapy Counselling | Within The Stillness
San Francisco Abstract Paintings | Sleeping Beauties
Los Angeles Abstract Paintings | Northern Lights

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