OUR DIVINE NATURE – No Explanations, No Talking, No Content

15 July 2016
The Peace that Passes All Understanding
28 August 2016

OUR DIVINE NATURE – No Explanations, No Talking, No Content



“But what do you mean?” asks the mind.




“But I don’t like being still” says the mind. “It makes me feel uncomfortable, lonely, lost, and empty. I feel rattled, insecure, out of control, and fearful. I look at my life and feel like I’ve come to nothing, like I haven’t achieved or done anything of value. I haven’t shown how special I am. Life is boring, mundane and my relationships with people are dissatisfying and painful. They have amounted to nothing. There’s no love, I haven’t found love yet. Nobody loves me. What’s the point of all this?”


A soft whisper is heard, “Be still and know who you are.”


The being, covered over by the noise of the mind, hears the whisper and begins to awaken. The being becomes aware that it is not the mind; that the mind is a separate energy to it. There is space between being and mind. The being is the space, the space that observes the mind and the space that transmutes it.


Be still and know who you are.


Space opens


We notice more clearly the stillness of presence and the busyness of the mind. The distinction between the two becomes more obvious. One is conscious awareness and the other is unconscious energy.


When we become aware the mind can soon creep back in and we become unconsciousness again. The mind tries to come in any which way it can in the hope that we do not notice it and so we become it. It can talk, think and act out through us. When awareness opens we can still fall into mind patterns of talking. We end up talking “about awareness”. We explain it and how it works. We may have changed the topic we were talking about to one another but have not necessarily open to the fullness of moment by moment presence. The mind still tries to come in as a barrier between us and another. A subtle yet on another level loud barrier that separates us from each other.


As we become more present we may notice a possible uncomfortable feeling with one another. It is the mind that feels uncomfortable. This feeling is something to surrender to that allows a greater depth of presence to open. As we stay present, and present with feeling uncomfortable, we are able to surrender to this feeling of awkwardness and vulnerability. We become conscious and free out mind energies that sit between each other. We open to a depth of who we are that is always available. What is real is opened to and what is not real dissolves away. Love, joy and peace is awakened to.


Explanations, talking and content become an addiction; an addiction that is created by the mind and kept in play when we don’t allow ourselves to be still. There is a lot of knowledge and explanation that can be talked about but it does not translate into awareness, into freedom from the mind. Rather it is the conversation of the mind and keeps filling the space of who we are.


Be still and know who you are.


A moment of surrender opens. In this moment we surrender to all that we “thought” was us. We surrender to not being anyone of importance; to not having a name, a title, a position in society; we surrender to not having this or that; we surrender to all the unnatural ways of being in this world; we surrender to wanting anything for ourselves; and we surrender to keeping a separate ego self in play. This ego keeps a kind of character dominating life in the foreground while in the background our true nature resides. Awareness brings forth who we are.


As we surrender to what we wanted to be and allow who we truly are to emerge there is possibly an initial feeling of loss, a feeling like being insignificant. This is part of the shift, a shift in awareness as the character of the mind feels reduced and we let go of identifying with it as us. When we don’t resist this feeling of having lost something, then what emerges is a pure moment of peace. The space of who we are opens and what we thought was important now has no importance at all. Our presence is beyond anything we thought we could add to ourselves. We are the alpha and the omega. We are what always is.


In this moment of transmutation we open to another realm. Like having travelled through a portal where we open into a realm of no explanations, no talking, no content and no world. We surrender into a vastness of space – aware space. This moment is a shift in awareness and is a space we know very well. We can only realise this through our own awareness shifts. We can explain and talk about it but the only true shift is to become aware. Being still to become aware of who we are and what is mind is our way through to freedom. There is a point of realisation to surrender to – do we want to stay identified with the mind and stay addicted to ways of being that are not us or will we surrender to what is always available, our divine nature?


Surrendering to this moment opens the space. This space is who we are and where we truly reside. It is our home. In this space we powerfully communicate with one another. We are in this world yet not of it. There is less talking and less content yet much more powerful sharing. We are of infinite depth and this depth is able to open from within. We connect with one another more deeply and we talk to one another through our eyes. We download a lot of knowing through this space. The presence of all comes from within us and out through our eyes to others. Our knowing exchanges with one another and reveals a vast expanse, one where we become aware of our true home from where we have travelled from while still being present on this planet. The love that we are comes out from within us. From this peaceful and pure space the noise of the world disappears. We no longer have any need to explain, to talk in an unconscious way, and be transfixed by all the content that may be around us. Space, depth, and stillness are what we know and who we are.


From this space all else flows and we naturally open to the unknown. We travel into the unknown and become aware of what is always known. Relationships come into this space and are pure. All needs, complication, drama and noise of the mind disappear. We reside with one another from a natural state of being. One where love, joy and peace are so natural that it is then hard to imagine the mind-made world we have left behind. A family of beings from home come together through a very natural and caring love. This is the space of who we are.


The words written here are only a shell of what is available….our divine nature.


Awaken to who you are….


Be still


Be still and know who you are.



Yvette Swan
Yvette Swan
Freedom is already this.

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