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3 March 2016
The Natural Love of the Male
11 March 2016

LOVE – Our True Nature

There is a moment…a moment where life expands through us. A pure vibration spirals out from our heart. One immediately notices a blissful energy opening from within. It stretches its arms out wide as it expands deep from within our body to awaken all cells. They come alive. Life comes alive. Life wakes up out of its sleep to fill the universe with its love. This pure energy can feel like being wrapped in a pink cloud of beauty. It dissolves the dense energy of the mind that has covered it over.

Who is this energy that is life?

It is you, me, and all of us. It is people, nature, everything within and without. It is form and the formless. It simply is us.

We are this energy. We are the energy that created the universe. We are the flower, the star, the sun, the morning dew. We are the beat of the heart that moves the blood around to nourish our body. We are the life in the human and the creation of its form. We are the ones who look through into this world from eyes of love. We breathe life into all. We are life.

When we consciously connect to this energy, to ourselves, what can be felt….what is the energy of who we are?

It is love.

There is that moment when we become aware. Our awareness separates us out from the mind. We, the being, awaken to our true self. We separate from the human personality to reveal the being we are. Everything unreal dissolves – mind, identities, thinking, and burdensome emotions. What remains is what is real. Just bliss. Just us. This is our true self. This moment of awakening is a pure moment.

Unconscious Mind Energies

The mind has created the personality that we believe is us. But this is not the truth. It is the false self – the imposter and intruder. It is the one pretending to be real. It tries to call the shots. It is the one that fills all empty space – with thoughts, thoughts of self and how to hang onto its position in the world. This personality is embedded with the content of the mind and the world. It can shoot out endless opinions in a flash. It feels special like it is “the one”.

It is defensive and distrustful and will do whatever it takes to hold its position. It won’t allow others to get in, to weaken its force, to take the wind out of its sails. This personality feeds on drama, thoughts, emotions and pain. It lives to conquer through power, greed and control.

What is this energy? It is the mind. It is also the ego….a puffed-up version of the mind!

But all of this is just noise, drama, and density that is short-circuiting. Nothing new is in here. No creativity, no bliss, no expansion, no peace, joy and love…no us!

The pure moment of awakening is the moment we awaken to the presence of all. We are our perfect match! No-one to chase after, no needs to fill, no becoming someone we’re not.

We are infinite. Our nature is love.

Awareness and Love

It is an incredible energy that is powerful and exquisitely fine. It is something that we are and is truly felt when we be. There is no need to get it, to run after it, to change yourself so people will love you but then feel exhausted by keeping up this facade. We can’t prop ourselves up forever. We are not actors in a play.

We are love. When we become aware in that moment we are conscious love. But in another moment it can feel like it has vanished, never to be felt again. But this is not the truth! It is just the mind playing a trick on us, trying as hard as it can to make us believe we are it….but we are not.

Be Still

We are awakening together. We are one family, one love. As love, we are one people, one nature, one essence, and one space. We are infinite love.

We are bringing our essence through into this world. We are coming home. You see it is true -love is all there is.

Yvette Swan
Yvette Swan
Freedom is already this.

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