What is driving the never-ending search for more, the need for happiness, to survive?

More experiences, more pleasure, more power, more security, more love, more food, more knowledge, more knowing, more "spiritual" experiences...?

There is a contracted, uncomfortable sensation in the body of feeling separate to the rest of life. Me and other. With the experience of a seeming separate individual, in a body, looking outwards to a seeming separate world, there is a sense of feeling unworthy, like something is wrong with "me", like something is missing. This sensation of "me", the individual/the identity, is the searching for more energy. The searcher is the searching.

What is sensed as seemingly real is of a contracted energy within the body, an experience of "someone here" who feels separate to "out there" and who has to work out, do, and control life to get somewhere, somewhere better in the future than what's here. There is an underlying feeling of discontent, whether this is noticed or not. The search for something more persists to cover over the sensation of discontent, of unworthiness, of suffering, of separation.

The search for more as an individual is an endless loop. Desiring more, then once obtained, this sense of wanting more comes back and the search begins again. An endless cycle of discontent, suffering, seeking is experienced. A separate "me" is the endless search for more. This is the dream of separation that covers over the Infinite Freedom that is Already This and is Everything that is appearing and happening.

What is wanted is the end of suffering, the end of the loop of discontent of “me”, of knowing. What is wanted is the Freedom that is Life, the Unknown.

What is wanted is Freedom.

“You” are already this. "You" don't exist. The individual is the dream. The dreamer is the dream. Everything that is happening is what is seemingly appearing in this Infinite Freedom that is Life.


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Mentoring Sessions available:

  • Recognise what is searched for is essentially the search for Freedom, for Love. This is already appearing as Everything
  • Recognise the sensation in the body of feeling like a separate individual, like something is missing, like something is wrong, like something needs to be searched for, is the suffering experience
  • Finish the cycle of personal suffering
  • Recognise that the loop of needing to know, of needing to understand, of owning everything happening, of searching, covers over the Aliveness of Life
  • Recognise Nothing needs to happen, Nothing needs to be searched for, Freedom is what is Already Happening
  • Whether the sensation of "me" collapses or not, or is seen as not real, a loosening or falling away of beliefs, ways of being, and a relaxtion in the body may occur. All "personal" issues of the individual can lossen, relax, or fall away.
  • Freedom is Already This, is the Unknown, is Nothing appearing as Everything
    MENTORING - One to One Sesssions, and Group Mentoring are available over Online Zoom Video.
    Simply put this is a space to recognize the Freedom you Already are - Beyond the search, Beyond the known, Beyond any challenges, Beyond a "you", Beyond a "mentor" supporting. Freedom is already This, Everything. Only the belief and experience of a separate individual covers over This.

    SESSIONS provide Space, Support, Care, and Confidentiality. Hypnotherapy/psychotherapy skills and support are also available if required during the session. These provide support for any challenges being experienced that wished to be discussed in session.

    FOLLOW the Booking link, or email via Contact page if you need another booking schedule option.