Being Present in a Moment of Great Change
2 July 2016
OUR DIVINE NATURE – No Explanations, No Talking, No Content
5 August 2016



Who is family?

There is our family we have been born into

But which universal family did this one come from? Where did we come from?

What family is out there and in here, inside our heart?


We are born into this world

We experience much –

Individuality, separation, closeness, insular ways of beings

We feel emotions, moments of love

We create, we destroy

Happiness is soon followed by unhappiness

We explore all kinds of things, all ways of beings and the dualities of this world

We’ve entered a fun park and have been trying out all the rides

Some were adventures and some became misadventures

We became transfixed by what was in front of us

But all is okay

It was meant to be as it was

Our ride is slowing down now

We are coming in, back in where our family resides


All has led us back to the space

The space we know

As we tune in now

We breathe in that one breath

It travels up into our cells to open us wide

To remember – remember that we know who we are

As we breathe this breath we let go of this fun park world

Our attention is now on the stillness, the space, the feeling of not being of this world


There is something familiar in this feeling

It is an awareness that we know

There is peace in letting go

We fall backwards into cradled arms of purity

They catch our fall

It is the purity of love

With the ability to dissolve all that blocks its presence


This fineness of being is who we are

We are the one who falls and the one who catches our fall

We are the one member and the entire family of all

When we penetrate one another’s heart

Our energy awakens what it knows in the other

A warm, beautiful energy

Like having a friend with us always

Never leaving, never abandoning, never angry, never arguing, never rejecting us

Our family is with us always


It is a beautiful feeling

The love of family

To sit quietly with each other

To feel the love within

To open to it provides stability while in a world of unstable events

It is a feeling that when felt we could pull off anything we wished to explore

This energy feels like being able to fly to the moon and back

Family is space and this space is love


Sometimes subtle, so subtle we could easily miss it

It whispers to us to let go and know

To know who we are

Once recognised and felt we naturally feel the one energy of all

Our family of many is the family of one


The family whisper

“Let go and know. Let go and be. Come back into the fold and be with your family.

Now is the moment to come back in from the cold.”

We hear them whisper and so let go

At first we let go to something unknown

But as we fall into the whisper’s arms

We remember

We feel the warmth of love

We remember it so well

With this awakened heart we expand into our natural state of being

It all comes back to us now

How funny that we had forgotten

Forgotten something so simple, so beautiful and real

What is real never changes


Family is our name

And in that name is an essence like no other –

A love like no other

One love

With such tenderness of care

We draw one another close in

Our arms surround each other as we sit quietly and be

Being present in love and joy

Feeling the sun on our backs

The breeze touching our cheeks

And nature surrounding us with its motherly love


Family is like motherly love

It is the source of our being

That shines through our hearts

A love that never waivers

Never disappears

And never forgets who her children are


This is the essence that carries us together

It does not matter who we are in this world

It only matters in the truth of our heart

One to the other to another…all family

We know what is real

We are stumbling through the last remnants of all that changes

To come to the edge of what we know

To see the bright light of love in one another’s eyes


The beauty in our heart is the beauty in all

Love, a tender flower and a powerful river channelling its way through

It takes everyone with it

We follow and become that flower and river as we know the space

The space of one

To remember who we are and who we see when in front of one another.

Yvette Swan
Yvette Swan
Freedom is already this.

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