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MONTHLY MEETINGS - a Message of Freedom

A simple gathering to share the message of this - Nothing appearing as Everything. Nothing/ Freedom/ Emptiness is Simply What Is. The person is not real. There is no-one who has emotions, thoughts, and a body. Emotions, thoughts, and a body seem to appear. The one who is sensed in the body, experiences, owns, and believes this is the dream of the individual, who feels separate to everything else. It is a dream of a subject and object, a seeming separation. This separation, even though it is sensed as a contracted energy within the body, and experienced as real, is not. There is no you, no me, no us, no them. There is no-one.

What is seemingly appearing is Nothing, is Freedom, is Emptiness, and cannot be described or understood. This is not "my" Freedom. This is Freedom. Freedom does not change, does not relate, does not awaken, does not realise, does not take it personally, does not judge, and is not concerned with what is happening. Yet Freedom also seemingly appears as changing, relating, awakening, realising, taking it personally, judging, and being concerned.

No-one wakes up. There is no-one to awaken. There is no-one. There is nothing. There is simply this.

Freedom does not have a purpose. Freedom simply is what is. These words point to what cannot be understood by the seeming individual. No-thing cannot be understood. This is a complete mystery, is unknown, is exquiste, is ordinary. This is not special. There is no this and that to compare this with. It is not separate. It is everything.

Online Monthly Meetings available. Usually the 4th Sunday of the Month, or near to, depending on availability, public hoilidays. Follow the Booking Link for the Next Available Meeting. If you wish to Donate to these Meetings you are more than welcome when booking in. Very much appreciated. Thank you.

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