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11 March 2016
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1 July 2016

Bird Song

There is a song out there that is sung with purity

It emerges from the silence and fades back within

A vibration from the heart of one to the heart of all

In early morning before many wake

The bird sounds the first tune that enters daybreak

It wakes from its sleep, having travelled back home,

To return – rejuvenated, still and present


The sound of the song travels into this world

Making a noise through time and space

It lifts the presence of all

The bird sings from its soul and communicates with its fellow travelling birds

Such a beautiful sound they create to wake us each morning on this earth


When day is about to fade away the bird travels back to home base and chatters to all

The world loves hearing the excitement, joy and togetherness from these dear beings

It makes us giggle and feel our heart beat with theirs as one

No boundary is present as we realise that what is created – man, animal or plant – is one and the same

We are thankful for the birds being with us at this time

Their presence heals the human in us

So we may wake up out of our dream to be who we are


Many times they are nervous around us

This is the gap they feel that separates nature and man

Our human mind causes disharmony

And all animals are at first cautious when they feel this

But humans are awakening

The depth of our being will pierce purely into this world

And nature and the universe will breathe a sigh of relief

As we truly connect again with all

It is written that the lamb will lie down with the lion

As this is what is true and will be forever more


Beautiful bird that sings such a song

We hear your call

Thank you dear one for being true

You are teaching us well

As we are heal the separation

May your song travel throughout the universe to bring together the souls of all.


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The purpose of the sessions is to awaken what is always within you.

Yvette Swan
Yvette Swan
Freedom is already this.

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