Being Present in a Moment of Great Change

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1 July 2016
15 July 2016

Being Present in a Moment of Great Change

Being Present

In a strange kind of way, it feels as though everything is on track in relation to us as a collective awakening on greater scale. The six o’clock nightly news may paint another picture but is this only one of the many control tools on the planet to keep people in fear and create a feeling of hopelessness? Are we told that there is only drama and chaos occurring on the planet? Are we aware of more than this, of the depth of love that is opening?

Television, the news, and the distressing images and stories we hear are only one part of what is happening in this time of great change. It is a reflection of the insanity of the mind and the ego. We have all experienced moments of internal and external stress, of losing our reference point and imploding from reactive emotions. Then once all has subsided, we wondered where all that crazy, stressed out and pained energy came from. These are the effects of our own and the collective mind we plug into. All this creates a structural world where politics, economics, media and other educational, medical and social institutions are a reflection of the structure of the collective mind. The individual and collective are a micro and macro reflection.

So what do we not hear on the six o’clock news? We don’t hear about the bigger picture that is occurring not just within an individual’s world, not just globally but universally. We as beings (human “beings”) are coming outside of the human mind and are coming “home” from within. We are waking up – waking up out of a collective mind of chaos and are coming back to our true nature – one that travels through the heart. Recognition is occurring and people are connecting with one another on a deeper level. In the past the idea of spirituality was a ridiculed topic in western society. Now it is something that is vastly more recognised and embraced. What people are recognising is themselves and each other. “Spiritual” is just a word that indicates our eternal, natural self. We see who we are when looking into the eyes of another. When present we reflect back from one another our true essence.

The mindsets on the planet are weakening. When one watches the news it does not seem as though this is the truth. We are only shown the extreme and it keeps cycles of fear locked in. The collective mind is losing its grip on people as many are opening within to become more conscious. We are beings and flow from our heart. We may have identified with some mind characters along the way and believed they were us but they are not. We are purposeful beings and know about love. That is the crazy part of this game world we have been caught in. We may believe our thoughts and feel upset when in the emotions but outside of this is who we truly are. We are love.


The vibration of who we are – of love – is penetrating the mind. An individual opening their awareness affects the whole. We are helping one another awaken out of a deep sleep. The solidity of the mind and the solidity on the planet are breaking apart. Imagine if you could see a light in the distance and as each year passed that light came closer. It became bigger and brighter than ever before. The seemingly solid darkness, once dominate, begins to lighten and no longer does it cover over people’s awareness. The light is too bright to keep hidden.

We are that bright light that is travelling closer and we are bigger and brighter than ever before. The mind, emotions, and the complexity and structure are crumbling. It has hit its polarised maximum state and is now weakening. There is chaos as the rays of light start to dissolve the resistance. It seems likes it takes “time” to become aware, as an individual and as a collective. On one level that looks like the truth. Evolution looks like the truth. But the truth is we have always been here. Our bright light has always been present and available. Our vibration of love and our home through the heart is available. We are just becoming conscious of what has always been and is. This is illusion that is created by a seeming evolution of a species. Consciousness is always present but we have gradually been allowing it into these human forms. It definitely is not what it seems….we are not what we seem!

So how can we wake up to who we are? We awaken by being present. Being present in the moment and in any moment we become aware of. Being present with one another opens us more deeply. When with one another we are able to become conscious of our own internal space and let go of wanting our stories and opinions to be heard. We are able to let go and be with one another and listen. Listen to each other, to another’s story and viewpoints. Then what can be felt beyond those stories and opinions is the being. We feel our own self and the being of the other.

I am noticing that when I am present with people I feel myself and them. When I let go of what I want to say and be connected to who I am the warmth and affinity opens between me and the other. A deeper connection into who we are is made beyond the words and stories that are spoken. I feel the gentle beauty behind what people may be saying.

I have been caught in the mind for many years. A needing to change another person’s opinion and for them to see it the way I do has been important. The wanting energy ends up in play. Whenever I am not present it is more easy to become hooked into this way of being.

But I am becoming aware in a deeper way how much it affects people in a true and heartfelt way when I listen to them, no matter what they are speaking about. Yes they may feel heard and have space to talk into where they do but they feel so much more than that. They feel recognised beyond what they are saying. It feels subtle at times on the outside yet it can have a possible huge impact on the inside. Someone is being recognised for the eternal being they are and not for what they are saying and what they may have difficulty with. We are helping one another return to ourselves.

As I listen and be with people I realise how it has been a battle for all of us to be heard somewhere. But it is beyond being heard but being felt and recognised. I am realising that it does not matter what my opinion is in a conversation with another as it will only be my mind wanting it to be important and right. A sense of self is invested in it but it ends up being the false self of the mind and not my true, natural self. When my opinions matter to me it is only because I have identified with the mind, with emotions and hold onto the past or have projected myself into the future. Arguments ensue, emotions heighten and the body is pounded by the effects of the drama and chemical changes that emotions cause. The body is affected by the mind.

Being present opens our love and joy – our joy of being and the love that we are. Whether it is with people we know or people we meet on our travels, we are one family. How simple and beautiful this is. I am enjoying deepening my awareness and becoming more present with people. I feel them and myself more clearly. It is freeing to feel this and let go of what I thought was important in a conversation when connecting with people. It is beautiful to feel the essence within and without and see the mind energies dissolve and fade away. This is the moment of true connection when both people dissolve the mind to reveal who they are. A natural energy of oneness is opened to.

This is a moment by moment awareness or unawareness but a clearer distinction between the two becomes apparent. We are deepening our awareness to what is. How beautiful we are – there is joy and love available in every moment. It may be more challenging with people that we are close to as we bump into each others mind more often. We reflect back where we are not free from the unconscious mind patterns within. We have more history, more mind and more emotions that are triggered when we come in close with others but starting somewhere opens the door. Being with each other when we meet people on the street, in the shops, in our daily lives help loosen the grip of the mind and our awareness and love expands. Being present and listening with our whole being opens more with each other than we can realise. We are becoming present and freeing this world as we allow our bright light to shine through. We are the light and are opening to this at a greater depth. What is will be as it always was. Love to us all. Love to the universe we have created and to the source of our eternal home.


It’s About Love…We Are Love

Yvette Swan
Yvette Swan
Freedom is already this.

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