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The unknown is happening as paint on canvas, charcoal on paper, the image of a photograph, or the words of a poem. The unknown is fresh, alive, and is what is. A selection of in-person, online, pre-recorded, and private group event classes are available.


Are you looking for a more personal 1 to 1 space where you can bring any questions, challenges, or specific ideas about what to paint (relating to abstract or landscape works); or if you would like a session to paint ever-changing abstract or landscape projects and learn about certain tools and techniques, then a 1 to 1 session is available. Follow the link for more information and to book. The sessions are 1 hour each but if you need more time send me an email with your request or book in for more sessions. Thank you.




1. ONLINE LIVESTREAM, LEARN ABSTRACT, LANDSCAPE, STILL LIFE PAINTING: an intro to painting and painting either abstract, landscape, or still life painting projects. No experience is required and experience is welcomed. Also, Private Events booking option.                                                                                                                                                   

2. IN-PERSON, ABSTRACT PAINTING, SYDNEY: an Intro class, no experience required. Also, Private Events booking option. 

3. PRE-RECORDED INTRO TO ABSTRACT PAINTING: an Intro and Projects Pre-Recorded class, no experience required.
4. PRE-RECORDED INTRO TO ABSTRACT LANDSCAPE PAINTING: an Intro and Projects Pre-Recorded class, no experience required.

The classes are for Adults yet children over 7 years upwards are more than welcome, or you may wish to create a Private Children's Group booking.

Classes are available for individual and group bookings.

No experience is necessary for classes, and experience is welcome. The Classes are enjoyable, and relaxed, with guidance and support. 

CLASSES: During the Classes, some painting techniques will be shown - either washes, layers, applications with different tools, how to rework an artwork, or re-use past incomplete works.

You may bring your own art materials, including canvases, canvas boards, and paper, or purchase an art box (brushes, paint, paper). 

HOW THIS SUPPORTS: This will be a great foundation to apply to all projects and styles of art - Abstract, Semi-Abstract, Realistic, Still Life, Landscape, and Figurative.

It is a relaxed, calming class to express within. Great as a one-off or join each class to paint different projects each time. A great way to venture into art, or a solid foundation to launch from, or for a Professional Artist to learn more and enjoy creating together.

LA Art Classes | Simply What Is, Yvette Swan
New York Art Classes | Simply What Is, Yvette Swan

SKILLSHARE: You can experience one of my art classes, INTRODUCTION TO ABSTRACT PAINTING: BUILDING LAYERS WITH ACRYLICS AND TECHNIQUES, at SKILLSHARE. This is a world-wide creative subscription platform.
Click my class link below if you wish to sign up for a yearly Skillshare subscription and receive the 1st month free.

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