Unknown Freedom

The beauty of the unknown is appearing as paint on canvas, charcoal on paper, the image of a photograph, and the words of a poem. Nothing is appearing as what is happening and seemingly expressed. The Unknown is always fresh, alive, complete, and is what is happening. A selection of in-person, online, pre-recorded, and private group event classes are available.


1. ONLINE LIVESTREAM, LEARN ABSTRACT, LANDSCAPE, STILL LIFE PAINTING: an intro to painting and painting either abstract, landscape, or still life painting projects. No experience is required and experience is welcomed. Also, Private Events booking option.                                                                                                                                                   

2. IN-PERSON, ABSTRACT PAINTING, SYDNEY: an Intro class, no experience required. Also, Private Events booking option. 

3. PRE-RECORDED INTRO TO ABSTRACT PAINTING: an Intro and projects Pre-Recorded class, no experience required.
4. PRE-RECORDED INTRO TO ABSTRACT LANDSCAPE PAINTING: an Intro and projects Pre-Recorded class, no experience required.

The classes are for Adults yet children over 10yrs upwards are more than welcome, or you may wish to create a Private Children's Group booking.


NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED for Classes: The Classes are enjoyable, and relaxed, with guidance and support. 

CLASSES: During the Classes, some painting techniques will be shown - either washes, layers, applications with different tools, how to rework an artwork, or re-use past incomplete works.

You may bring your own art materials, including canvases, canvas boards, paper, or purchase an art box (brushes, paint, paper). 

HOW THIS SUPPORTS: This will be a great foundation to apply to all projects and styles of art - Abstract, Semi-Abstract, Realistic, Still Life, Landscape, and Figurative.

It is a relaxed, calming class to express within. Great as a one-off or join each class to paint different projects each time. A great way to venture into art, or a solid foundation to launch from, or for a Professional Artist to learn more and enjoy creating together.

LA Art Classes | Simply What Is, Yvette Swan
New York Art Classes | Simply What Is, Yvette Swan

SKILLSHARE: You can experience one of my art classes, INTRODUCTION TO ABSTRACT PAINTING: BUILDING LAYERS WITH ACRYLICS AND TECHNIQUES, at SKILLSHARE. This is a world-wide creative subscription platform.
Click my class link below if you wish to sign up for a yearly Skillshare subscription and receive the 1st month free.

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