The Peace that Passes All Understanding
28 August 2016
Returning Home – awareness of our true self, of relationship, and our universal family.
3 October 2016


We are perfect –

Pure energetic beings

Fullness of spirit

There is nothing to add to who we are

We are the space that always is


We are not of this world

But while here the mind has been in charge

A separate identity became the way

A layer of what is not covered over what is

The darkness covered the light

But the light remained – it was but only obscured for a moment

A moment caught in time

The mind fed on time and time created more mind


The body we travel in while here on earth has been our vessel

Our temple

Our friend

Allowing us to experience the sensations of life in form

But the body has struggled

Like having one arm tied behind its back

As it innocently believes what it hears

Like the purity of a child that does not question the authoritarian adult


The mind has been out of control

Towering over all in a top dog kind of status

With one foot on the body and its hand around the neck of the soul

The body absorbs all stressful words and emotions

This fine design of form has not been able to fully fire on all cylinders


Life in the world has been out of balance

A crazy reality has appeared to our eyes

The awakened being has been put to sleep

A powerful light able to activate the entire universe

Has somehow been reduced to dimmer mode

The mind incessantly talks

Hoping its words are believed

The body’s ability has been short-circuited

Thus limitation has hindered all beings


It is now the moment

All is aligning

And we are awakening

Once asleep but now no longer

We are awakening to what is familiar

Something we know deep within


Our eyes open

Our heart expands

Energy activates

The circuitry is rewiring

The body is coming back to its original purpose

All parts repair

A fully charged ability is waking up

Energy is synchronising

And this pure body is rising

Rising to where it was always meant to be


The fullness of home taps at the door

Eager to enter this body and world

And like a dear friend wishing to support

Our body heals and opens through the power of sound

Allowing the purity of consciousness to fully expand


All is aligning

Mind, body, spirit

The balance levels out

We who felt we were separate

Now dissolve all bonds

We fully know –

Know there is truly only one

One heart

One nature

All from the one presence that we are.


For further information on “Activation” see Brendan Murphy

Yvette Swan
Yvette Swan
Freedom is already this.

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