Nothing Known

Yvette Swan, Simply What Is, meets through Private Sessions; Art Classes; Paintings; and Events.

What is sensed as a separate someone inside a body with their own thoughts, emotions, and stories, is a dream. The sensation, experience, and belief in a seeming separate person relating to other separate individuals and objects is a kind of dream, it's not real. This seeming separate person is sensed and experienced to be real and solid by owning emotions, thoughts, and stories. All is owned as "me". What comes from the sensation and experience of "me" is an endless search for something more. This is the seeking energy. There is nothing. No me, no other. There is a seeming body appearing but there is no-one who is there inside this as a separate entity. There is only nothing seeming to happen as this, even the contracted sensation of separation is nothing seeming to happen as this. This is the unconditional. Everything seeming to happen is this. There is nothing happening.


Private Sessions are a space to share what is already free, what is already unconditional - freedom, love - what is already empty and full, what is already nothing, nothing happening to no-one. The one with the seeming problems, issues, needing to "wake up" is not real. No-one wakes up. Yet freedom, the unconditional, can appear as someone wanting to wake up, wanting to be free, wanting happiness, wanting something else. This is completely unconditional. The sessions are a space to resonate with freedom. The sessions are not self-help, therapy, counselling, self-awareness, spiritual, or a process to attain enlightenment (which does not exist). These will only lock in who one experiences themselves to be as real. This one is not real. This is a space which talks from and with the unconditional which is already free. There is no "you" which needs fixing and helping, even if this is what is experienced. 

Yvette has created paintings for solo and group exhibitions, projects, expos, and commissions. See Painting and Shop pages for more info and available works.


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