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What is sensed as a separate someone inside a body with their own thoughts, emotions, and stories, is a dream. The sensation, experience, and belief in a seeming separate person relating to other separate individuals and objects is illusory. This seeming separate person is sensed and experienced to be real and solid by owning emotions, thoughts, and stories. All is owned as "me". What comes from the sensation and experience of "me" is an endless search for something more. This is a seeking energy. There is nothing. No me, no other. There is only this - nothing/ freedom/ unconditional love.

Nothing/ unconditional love/ freedom cannot be explained, obtained, and there is nothing to do for this. Who "you" sense, experience, and believe you are is not real. There is no you, me, we. There is no freedom for "me", there is simply freedom, simply nothing/ empty fullness. Yet even the illusory, sensed, and experienced "me" is nothing, is freedom, is unconditional...



Hello, my name is Yvette (it's just a name, a story). In the story of "me" there was searching for many years through various awareness avenues. A seeming person who was searching for something more, something else other than whatever was happening. Other "mores" did not satisfy for long (career, work, money, people) and so started a seeming "spiritual search" and working and supporting in these areas. A search for freedom, love, experiences, and to get somewhere else, fuelled the spiritual search, fuelled all searches. Yet all of this was still a search, a search in a different form. This was still the loop of a person sensing, believing, experiencing themselves to be real. Awareness, the spiritual path, therapy were still part of the dream of a seeming person. All the ways to become aware - let go, accept, surrender, recognise or realise, detach, put attention on, were still part of the story/ dream of a person. A person who could recognize, open, do something to "wake up". There is no-one who can wake up, who can do anything. There is no-one and nothing. Awareness is still part of the dream of me, of knowing. This is not logical to the seeming energy that appears as a person, a someone, who seems real. This is a play of light, energy appearing as whatever is happening. Nothing needs to happen for this to be free. This is already free.

There is simply nothing, no-one...simply empty fullness seemingly appearing as whatever is happening. There is simply no-one to fix, change, or be aware. There is no-one to do anything. It is part of the story of me, the story of experience, of knowing, and keeps an endless loop going around and around. The reinforcement of someone being attended to in this way keeps the illusion in this loop. Wow! What a shock this was for "me". Completely confronting and freeing at the same time. Confronting for the sense of me, freeing for no-one.

This cannot be understood by the person who seems to have a logical mind (there is really no mind but seems to be). This is not logical, understandable yet is energetically resonated with. To use words to point to what's not understandable - freedom, unconditional love, empty fullness, nothing - this is simply whatever is happening versus a separate source of freedom, a separate state to work towards. Nothing is separate. This really is Nothing, nothing happening to no-one. The one who feels, believes, and experiences themselves to be real is not. Bam! Amazing yet simply ordinary, nothing special, everything appearing as nothing. Unconditional love is everything - everything happy, sad, pleasant, unpleasant, happening, not happening, seen, not seen.

Private Sessions are a space to share what is already free, what is already unconditional love, what is already empty and full, what is already nothing, nothing happening to no-one. The one with the seeming problems, issues, needing to "wake up" is not real. No-one wakes up. Yet freedom, unconditional love, empty fullness, nothing also appears as someone wanting to wake up, wanting to be free, wanting happiness, wanting something else. This is completely unconditional - freedom/love/nothing.


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