Nothing Known

Yvette Swan from Simply What Is provides one to one Sessions; Well-Being, Art Classes; Paintings; and Events.

What is experienced, that there is a separate someone inside a body with their own thoughts, emotions, and stories, is the illusion. The sensation, experience, and belief in a separate person relating to other separate people and objects is illusory. This separate identity is experienced to be real and solid by owning the contracted sensations in the body and owning emotions, thoughts, stories, and the sense of separation. All is owned as "me". What comes from the experience of "me" is an endless search for something more. "Everyone" is searching. This is a seeking energy. There is no-one. No me, no other. There is only this - Freedom.

Freedom cannot be explained, obtained, and there is nothing to be "done" to have this. No-one can "have it". Who "you" experience, feel, and think you are is not real , who "you" are is freedom. There is no you, me, we. There is no freedom for "me", only freedom. Yet even the illusory, experienced "me" is also freedom. Nothing is separate. Freedom is what is. Freedom is nothing and everything. This is unknown, is infinite. This is an extraordinary mystery.

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