Nothing Known

Simply What Is features the work of artist Yvette Swan. This takes the form of paintings, abstract and figurative, writing, and other creative expressions. Art classes are also available.

The basis of this is an expression by and of freedom. Everything happening is freedom, nothing, happening as this. "This" can be worded as freedom, unconditional love, empty fullness, or nothing. There is no person who exists who can find, improve, change, realise and know freedom. A sense of becoming and searching for this versus simply the freedom which is already everything. There is no becoming free and knowing freedom as there is no-one who is real and freedom, the unknown, can never be known. There is no separate person from the rest of what's happening. This sense of separation is the suffering person experienced and gives an unreal impression that there is someone here who can change, realise, and know. A loop, a dreamworld, seems to be experienced. "Separation" is the experience that there is something missing, something wrong, or lost, and that a search needs to happen to find something to fulfill this unfulfilled experience. The search through many experiences will never find what it is looking for.

There is simply nothing happening yet seemingly happening. The unconditional freedom/love is seemingly happening as a body, as thoughts, as emotions, as a seeming tree, as the sky, as the stubbing of a toe and yelling "#@&*!!"! This happens for no-one.

Yvette Swan is a professional Artist, painter (abstract and figurative), a Writer, and Creator. Enjoy viewing a selection of paintings via the Shop. Commissions available.

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