Nothing Known

Yvette Swan, Simply What Is, meets through Private Sessions; Art Classes; Paintings; and Events.

What is sensed as a separate someone inside a body with their own thoughts, emotions, and stories, is a dream. The sensation, experience, and belief in a seeming separate person relating to other separate individuals and objects is illusory. This seeming separate person is sensed and experienced to be real and solid by owning emotions, thoughts, and stories. All is owned as "me". What comes from the sensation and experience of "me" is an endless search for something more. This is a seeking energy. There is no-one. No me, no other. There is only this - Freedom.

Freedom cannot be explained, obtained, and there is nothing to do for this. Who "you" sense, experience, and believe you are is not real. There is no you, me, we. There is no freedom for "me", there is simply freedom. Yet even the illusory, sensed, and experienced "me" is freedom. Nothing is separate. Freedom is nothing as everything. This is unknown, is infinite. This is an extraordinary mystery.


This is simply a space to share in. There is no-one who knows more or less than "you". There is no knowledge to share and obtain. There is no-one who will tell "someone" how to live, how to act, how to be free. There is no me, you, or how to. There is simply a space. How can wholeness teach wholeness how to be wholeness, how to be what is already free? This is an exquisite parodox. This does not make sense to the seeming individual, the "me", who is sensed in the body and experiences themself to be separate and real. This is a dream. A session is a space to share and resonate with Freedom.


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PAINTINGS available. Yvette has had paintings in solo/ group exhibitions, projects, expos, and for commissioned works.

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