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The unconditional is this. Everything  happening. Unconditional aliveness. An energetic sense of self happens in the body and from this, there seems to be separation, an object to a subject. There seems to be a person searching to find something, find happiness, and find more. This energy of separation, which is an experience of something missing, of loss, of unworthiness, is an illusory sense of a person. With this sense of being a person duality automatically happens - good/bad, wrong/right. The person searches for better experiences, more knowing, something else other than this - unknown freedom. A journey seems to happen, and a path for improvement, being better, being good, or awakening can occur. Self-improvement happens. The search through many experiences will never find what it is looking for. Yet this is also freedom appearing as a search....this is wild and free! This is unconditional.

The unconditional does not differentiate. It is everything. It is seeming peace, seeming war, seeming joy, seeming pain, a seeming someone and no-one. There is no-one having this, there is no person. This is unconditional, alive, unknown freedom. The unconditional is seemingly happening as a body, as thoughts, emotions, a tree, the sky, the stubbing of a toe and yelling "#@&*!!"!

Yvette Swan expresses through bold paintings a response to freedom, to life. Unconditional freedom is completely unknown, free, boundless, empty, full, nothing, and everything. “Nothing”, not as something to be discarded, but rather the empty fullness of this unknown aliveness. This appears as paintings. 

Yvette lives in Sydney. She graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree from the University of NSW, College of Fine Arts. She has worked in the film and photographic industries. Since 2000 she became a professional artist and has had over 50 solo and group exhibitions, including the Wynne Landscape Prize at AGNSW, Metro Prize, Fleurieu Peninsula Biennale Prize, and the Art Series Leeuwin Estate Collection. Yvette's work has been part of art consultancy projects, art expos, art prizes, and commissioned works for corporate, design, and private clients. Yvette's paintings are included in the book “Unfinished Journeys” by Ken McGregor. Her paintings belong to private and public collections. Yvette also creates through writing, non-fiction and fiction. She has worked within the awareness and therapy areas.

The story of Yvette is a story. The story of a "person's" life is simply an energetic story, a story of "someone" who seems to do this and that. Simply freedom seeming to be a person. Consciousness/ awareness is a story of someone who seems to have the choice to become free through processes and knowing yet this, everything, is already free as it is, even if this plays out as pleasure, pain, challenging or easier circumstances. No awareness can make this any freer than it is, even if what is experienced is seeming freedom or limitation. There is no-one who can know unconditional love. The one experiencing this is the dream, the story, the separation. A dance between someone and no-one seems to happen or seemingly disappears completely. Simply nothing/freedom freely happening as whatever is appearing.

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Nothing happening as a work of art...Unconditional freedom/love happening as a work of art, a painting...painted by no-one.




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